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We want our kids to embrace active citizenship, work efficiently in a competitiveenvironment, and effectively manage adolescence.At Akshar, Children are allowed tostudy in classes according to their ability and not their age.We teach them in twodifferent patterns as per their convenience.

we currently have the following programmes:


Out Of School Children

Children need a solid foundation before straight away learning difficult concepts. The fact that students are enrolled
according to their age in government schools is the primary reason why
students get disinterested and drop out.
We aim to tackle this problem through OOSC. The children are given classes using relevant study materials. This
program is running in our Gurgaon branch of Akshar Foundation where we have 80 children enrolled.


Remedial Studies

In this program, children who are either enrolled in small private schools or
government schools are given extra
tuitions in the evening. This is necessary for the children to cope up with their school studies. This aids the overall
learning and development . We have this program in Gurgaon and Chandigarh with 60 children in each school.


Health Activities

The importance of health can never be over-emphasized, and it is of vital concern to Akshar. Health awareness is an
integral part of child education.
The various ‘Health Care Activities
supported are as follows:
1. Adolescent health education and
2. A provision of regular health check-ups through static clinics
3. Regular dental health check-ups.
4. Hygiene awareness
5. Organizing camps related to major health factors in underdeveloped areas at regular interval of time