At Eastman, we are proud to recruit talent that is teeming with fresh ideas and has an incomparable zest. For this reason we hire on campus from a fresh pool of talented engineers and management trainees. The recruitment stages consist of screening of academic performance followed by a written aptitude test and two rounds of personal interviews. The comprehensive process allows us to assess a candidate’s strength, skills, abilities and areas of improvement.

STAGE ONE: Application Submission

You can explore external employment websites for any position available at Eastman. Being a large group there are ample chances of positions being available. Alternatively, you may directly explore & apply for the available positions displayed at websites of Eastman group. Once you have submitted your application, if you are sorted out during resume screening, you will be contacted regarding next steps.

STAGE TWO: Written Assessment (Only for Engineering & Management Trainee)

Eastman HR team employs written assessments to determine skills and aptitude that generally do not emerge from the interviews. The professionally designed assessment tests help us to gauge your academic background, experiences, interests, and work-related attitude. The aptitude test comprises reasoning, general knowledge and analytical sections to determine your cognitive skill set.

STAGE THREE: Preliminary Interview

Our HR team uses behavior-based in-person interviews to get the opportunity to know you and assess if you have what it takes to make you suitable for the required task. In return, the candidate also gets an opportunity to find out all about us. At Eastman, we believe in a two-way communication that starts with the very first interaction.

STAGE FOUR: The Final Interview

In addition to more behavioral-based interviews, our senior team goes into greater details about your skill sets and potential. The occasions also render opportunity to get a more in-depth acquaintance of our unique culture, values, success stories and endless opportunities lying ahead.

STAGE FIVE: WOW! You’ve made it to Eastman

Congratulations! You have convinced us that you have a lot to deliver to Eastman. Submit the documents prescribed to our HR team and become a part of the Eastman family.

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