Battery Type Variant Capacity(Ah) Warranty* (Months)
EM 15024ST Short Tubular 150 36
EM 15015TT Tall Tubular 150 30
EM 15018TT Tall Tubular 150 36
EM 15524TT Tall Tubular 155 36
EM 16030TT Tall Tubular 160 42
EM 18024TT Tall Tubular 180 42
EM 20024TT Tall Tubular 200 42
EM 16036TT Tall Tubular 160 48
EM 18036 TT Tall Tubular 180 48
EM 20036TT Tall Tubular 200 48
EM 23036TT Tall Tubular 230 48
  • Ultra low maintenance
  • Deep dischargeable & higher cycle life
  • Low Antimony alloy
  • Fast charging and easy recovery from deep discharge
  • Special additive for better charge acceptance and retention of charge
  • Highly robust and resistant to extreme environmental conditions
  • Low electrical resistant & high porosity polyethylene separators for improved performances
  • Batteries made on State-of-the-art, imported machineries
  • Pressure di-casted spines leading to less corrosion and higher cycle life
  • Advanced curing and drying ovens for better active material adhesion
  • High impact polypropylene cases for better durability

Longer life in high power cut situation

  • Optimized paste recipe and electrode making process for boosting cycle life
  • Robust and state of the art design leading to consistent performance
  • Specialized low corrosive alloys ensuring longer life
  • Unique 4 step curing program provides good adhesion of active material to the grid, leading to higher cyclic life

Consistent back-up

  • Low resistant, high porosity separator and gauntlet to ensure quicker recharge
  • Fully automated and advanced machineries to maintain consistent quality
  • Advanced active material additives for avoiding negative electrode sulphation
  • High bursting strength polyester material preventing active material shedding

Minimal water-up with Zero Manufacturing defects

  • Low antimony alloy ensuring minimized water loss
  • Surplus electrolyte quantity
  • Very rigorous HRD testing on 100% of the batteries
  • Shop floor automatic HV tester and Heat Seal leakage testing machine

Cycle life comparison at difference DOD’s


  • Keep the battery top and surroundings clean and dry
  • Keep all the electrical connection tight. Check for undue heating up
  • During idle periods, freshening charge at normal rate must be given once in 3 months.
  • While using spanners etc., care should be taken not to short circuit the battery
  • Keep the vent plugs clean and tightly positioned
  • Apply petroleum jelly on terminals
  • Topping up required once in every 3 months or as per indication shown by float indicator and same must be maintained in the service record at warranty card
  • Topping up of cells should be done using battery grade DM water only

Once in 6 months the battery should preferably be charged on a constant current charger (boost charge) for long life and better performance