The Eastman Edge: How we ensure that you keep moving miles ahead!


If your home and vehicle are equipped with Eastman batteries, you are in good hands. Giving them that much needed power since 1978, our batteries are carefully manufactured with the intent of delivering utmost efficiency and an enjoyable run. Just like you, your home and vehicle deserve nothing but the best and Eastman strives to meet all those needs right from the fabrication stage to installation.

Check out this table of elements that will seal the deal on why you deserve the Eastman Edge.



S.No Element Behavior Key Features
1 Container Robust design Side and front reinforcements, polypropylene container
2 Alloy Xuper alloy low water loss, topping up frequency once a year
3 Cast on Strap Defect free product Automated COS process which eliminates human errors
4 Special Paste Recipe Superior reactivity Special additives helps in faster charge acceptance
5 Gauntlet Low resistance low resistant high porosity yarn increases the utilization of material
6 Separator low electric resistance & high porosity High porosity & low resistance polyethylene separator
7 Spine High density, fine grain structure Pressure die-casted spines leading to less corrosion and higher cycle life
8 Curing and Drying Multi step curing cycle Advanced Curing and Drying process for better active material adhesion
9 Charging Computer controlled chargers Advanced chargers ensures 100% charging
10 Electrolyte Level Indicators Better monitoring Indicates the Level of the electrolyte for top up requirements