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Creative animated posts for Niryas Foods

1. Snakes and ladders – there’s only one right move!

2. Super mario gets jacked up on Milk!

3. PAC Man needs Niryas milk to escape!


Videos are the most visible and engaging content format on social media channels these days. You must have noticed that your Facebook News feed and Twitter timeline is full of video content. With animated text and pictures, brands get a bigger canvas to engage with users and create engagement as opposed to images or just text.

Social media is all about story telling hence videos/GIFs are a great way for brands to capture the attention of online users. The best part is that you do not require heavily produced videos. All you need is good content and some basic editing or animation to capture the audience’s attention.We have designed some creative video posts and GIFs for Niryas foods to engage with the social media users and the results have been good. Following are some examples of creative animated posts designed by us:


October 24, 2018


Digital campaigns, Social media, Videos