4 Reasons why Facebook dynamic creative ads will be all the rage in 2017

4 Reasons why Facebook dynamic creative ads will be all the rage in 2017


4 Reasons why Facebook dynamic creative ads will be all the rage in 2017

By now we all now that Facebook ads are one of the best ways to reach out to a niche audience and engage with them. The audience base and its profiling, easy to use ads manager/power editor and cost effective conversions make Facebook one of the most popular ad network platforms to help marketers achieve their objectives. The best thing is that the company  is always working to to improve the experience – both for its users and advertisers. With constant updates in the newsfeed and the ads manager tool, Facebook has come out as one of the most important platforms out there to invest in.

Keeping this in mind they recently launched a new feature called: Dynamic creative ads 

What are facebook dynamic creative ads?

One of the biggest challenges we marketers face while running Facebook ads is to crack the right communication which gets the best results. It takes a lot of A/B testing to understand which image works best or which text creates the most impact. At WeBeeSocial, we generally run 3-4 different ads to understand which ad is giving us the best CTR or lowest CPC and then divert all budgets to the best performing one. This is exactly why Facebook allows us to run multiple ad sets under a single campaign.

facebook dynamic creative

As you can see ad no.1 is a clear winner and the one with the highest CTR and lowest CPC. This kind of testing is done manually and is called ad optimization. To make things faster and effortless, facebook has introduced dynamic creative ads. 

These allow the advertiser to upload upto 30 creative assets (Image, text, CTA etc) and Facebook uses its powerful algorithm to run permutation and combinations of these assets to test which combination gives the best results. This means that user A might see the same ad with a different image , User B might see it with a different CTA and user C might see it with a different text. Facebook simply mixes and matches these assets to see what works best. Following are the assets adertisers can upload:

  1. Images or Videos – 10 options
  2. Title/Headline – 5 options
  3. Text – 5 options
  4. News feed description -5 options
  5. CTA button – 5 options

This is how the ad set option looks in the power updates and new ads manager:

Once you set up your targeting, budget and duration you will move on to the upload ad step where one has to upload multiple images, CTA and text:

facebook dynamic ad creatives 2017 2

So as you can see, this makes life simple and all the testing happens under a single ad. To explain things better, kindly allow us to share our favorite 4 reasons why these ads are going to be the rage in coming months:

1. Facebook dynamic creative ads will give the best kind of Insights

facebook dynamic ad creative

Image source

Since a combination of ad images ,text and buttons are tested, advertisers get hold of a very valuable piece of information – Which ad creative works the best for us? The creative team will finally get to pour down all their ideas an execute them. Real images or vectors? Friendly tonality or formal? All these queries get answered with facebook dynamic  creative ads. These insights help advertisers and marketers understand the TG better so that they can implement them in future campaigns and improve results further.

2. Ads will become cheaper and bring more ROI

Since these ads are constantly testing to serve impressions to the right audience, the CTR (click through rate will increase) and the CPC will come down. If user A loves and ad with a real image and user B appreciates a witty one liner, both will get what they want and the ad will be motivating enough to make them engage with it. Hence more people will click on the ad and the advertiser will have automatically optimised the ad for a better ROI.

3. Facebook dynamic creative ads help save a lot of time

In continuation to the above point, testing multiple creative assets takes a lot of time and facebook dynamic creative ads will make life simpler by doing it automatically under a single ad. Earlier we used to set up multiple ad sets manually which sure took a lot of time. Saving time really helps a digital marketer’s case as he or she is constantly juggling multiple things in the same moment 😛 !

4. More personalisation – Yes you read it right!

This reason has to be the craziest of them all. The whole logic over which this functionality operates is that a particular user sees an ad which will be more relevant for him. There are 1.8 Bn people on Facebook with different age, gender, location, interests etc. and to have a piece of communication personalised for each set is very difficult. This feature will surely help advertisers hit the nail by offering personalized communication to different social groups (Target groups) and make more impact as opposed to a static ad with linear messaging. Oh, the power of technology!

This feature is still under Beta and is slowly rolling out across all regions.

Do let us know what you think about this new feature and how else it can make an impact in the ever dynamic online advertising world.

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