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4 Important tips for getting better social media engagement

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4 Important tips for getting better social media engagement

Social media can be split into two words. Social and Media (Lol, obviously). But many people forget the social aspect of this media and create content which is stale and hardly anyone can network over it. Those who try hard do get in a fair share of likes and reactions but still struggle to get comments and shares. This is because it requires top notch creativity and good amount of genius to create something which attracts the users who are also looking at thousands of other posts and tweets. Not really! All you have to do is get into the mind of your end user and think what would pique their interest. Emotions like humor or awe work the best. Where as Rational thoughts garner good opinions. Keeping this in mind, we are sharing our tried and tested 4 important tips that help drive better social media engagement:

1. Write Topical posts: Posting about trending things happening around you gets good engagement

If you have been on social media as long as we have then you definitely know that every second day there is a special day or event happening online. From strange days like “World French fries day” to political and bollywood trends  to our very own festivals, there is something to talk about every day. This gives us social media marketers a good chance to write content which subtly talks about the brand but very smartly engages the online audience. Remember the Amul butter creatives? Social media gives us a chance to do something cool and creative every day. Just make sure that you can keep the relevance of the brand intact without making the content look to gimmicky. Some examples:

Rather than selling the product we should sell the experience or the behaviour it generates from people, when they hear a particular news or connect with a specific special day. Writing topical posts is surely a good way to drive social media engagement.

2. Tag people : Don’t feel shy when it comes to social media

This is one of the most looked over thing when brands create content for social mdia. There is no harm in tagging celebrities or other relevant pages and handles to boost your reach. We are almost certain that the facebook newsfeed algorithm definitely takes tagging as a variable when it comes to ranking content for visibility. If you can tag genuine users or your top engaged customers in some posts, that too will boost the visibility.


3. Ask good questions: Be a little creative and motivate people to comment in your posts

In case you do not know about the vicious circle of engagement, allow us to tell you! The more the engagement a post gets the more it pushes the algorithm to boost the organic reach. And since the reach gets boosted by engagement, it in turn gets more engagement. Hence like we say : The more the reach, the more the engagement and so on. Since Engagement is the king and all brands try their best to make people share and comment on the content, a very good idea is to ask people questions creatively so that they are compelled to give answers.

4. Time is everything: Checkout the best time for your page to post and use it wisely as it garners engagement

Timing is everything. Don’t post too frequently or too randomly. Create a content plan and after some hit and trials see how many posts a week workout well for you. We suggest 3-5 top quality posts a week for brands. For content websites 2-3 posts a day is more than enough. Also please check the time when majority of your page followers are online and post half an hour before that. This will give Facebook some time to distribute reach for your content when majority of your page followers are online. To do this you can simply visit insights/analytics on your channel and go to the users section to get these details. Remember, every page has its own rythm so it will take some time for you to figure our what works the best.

Hence it is very important to keep the above mentioned tips in mind while writing content so that they bring out the best social media engagement as results. The above examples are posts which have been designed by WeBeeSocial for our clients and as you can see their engagement is good.

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