Instagram posts will now mention 'paid partnership with' in branded content

Instagram posts will now mention ‘paid partnership with’, in branded content from influencers!

Instagram posts will now mention ‘paid partnership with’, in branded content from influencers!

A few day ago, instagram announced through their blog that they are planning to add transparency by revealing posts that have branded content from influencers. This has been planned to enhance the parnernships between the business and the content creators.They want to ensure that their strong community of 700+ Mn users get to know that someone they follow has been paid by a brand to post that particular piece of content.

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In the coming weeks, they will start rolling out this feature where users get to see a tag mentioning “Paid partnership with” on posts and stories. This will give clarity to the followers and establish how the users communicate with the people they follow.

This new tool will also have some additional features like access to metrics for perfomance of branded posts, analytics for the ad sets etc. Influencers who create branded content will see these metrics in their insights page while the brands or businesses can access the reach and engagement metrics on their facebook page insights. (More transparency between the creator and business, we guess!)

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One feature which instagram should take from Facebook is the added bonus of getting more reach for posts based on the tagged partner. If you tag a brand page or a popular page in a Facebook post, the algorithm uses the tags to increase the reach of the content. This could be used as an added bonus on instagram so that brands get used to the tagging function. Maybe this feature is in the works but it has not been confirmed yet.

The instagram user community will definitely appreciate the clarity in branded posts and brands/businesses can surely track the paid content efforts better through this feature.

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