10 Types of Social Media personalities - Which one is yours?
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10 Types of Social Media personalities – Which one is yours?

Types of Social Media personalities

10 Types of Social Media personalities – Which one is yours?


Hello, our fellow social media addicts! We all have been on social media for more than five years on average and we all interact with various kinds of personalities. How we interact with them and what we get in return is something that keeps things interesting.

But this stuff is super important to a marketer. Judging the personality most accurately and telling a story that engages and enlightens the digital being observing your brand is as important as washing your hands after peeing. P.S.: YES It is important!

Over the past few years, we have observed behavior patterns of different “digital beings”. Putting out the right message to the right audiences can make or break your brand and therefore, on a semi-humorous note we share with you our ultra-comprehensive list of the personalities you may encounter in the digital world.

1. The Social Buff

These are the social bees of the digital world. Their profile is complete, the display picture is contagiously happy, and are borderline spammers.

They are everywhere. You will see them liking random sponsored ads, chatting on groups, liking pages, creating FB pages, tweeting, Instagramming, answering on Quora, and so on.

As they are easily accessible, they are an important focus group. Their influence on people around them makes them really resourceful. Constantly voicing their opinion publicly and showing off what is inside their head, they have an immense outreach. One of these buffs sharing your post or recommending your product or whatever you offer can go a long long way guys.

 2. The unsocial-social being

Reserved is the word. Secretly observing the meme trends and quietly giggling at the funny ones. These personalities are the socially reluctant digital beings who do not want to be disturbed whatsoever. They rarely have themselves in their profile picture.

Closely examining every aspect of a person’s online profile before meeting them, they are often confused with stalkers or creeps.

These are hard to please. Only if your creative work/ad/meme/GIF/whatever is immensely creative they might hit the like button. So ATTENTION marketers, if they share your post, you have succeeded in life. Just quit your job and go look for the eternal truth.

3. The Social Nurturer

They don’t see a difference between a Sunday and a Monday. The only time these personalities get to know that it is Monday is when they see #MondayMotivation trending on Twitter. These people get super excited while motivating others. They will ask you questions and get into your head, only to spam you with motivational videos, quotes, and blogs.

Warm-hearted, popular, and selfless, these people are always striving to nurture the potential in others.

This category of digital beings is YouTube addicts. Popular & conscientious they generally have page/pages on Facebook on social causes.

As a brand, you should always give back to society, and as a marketer, you should help spread the give-back message using the Social Nurturer. All marketers should be social nurturers first.

4. The Social Snorlaxes

Super relaxed, they never fold their blanket because sleep is sacred and they are the extremists of that sect. They will post a lot using post-scheduling tools for a few weeks and then disappear. It is only because of these guys that we got to know how inconsistent posting on social media is bad.

They have fake accounts. Multiple profiles, pages, fake identities, and a massive stock of chips in the cupboard. The meme makers fall in this category.

Online Response management has to be on point as these people will point out anything that conflicts with their worldview and comment mean things. Watch out for the Social Snorlaxes guys.

5. The Social Geek

Fictional character from some game/movie/comic is their cover photo and that is a classic characteristic. But otherwise, long articulate comments on random posts is also a great way to spot them. They think they can change the world by commenting on their intelligent point of view on social media. P.S., they don’t truly understand any scientific concept. These personalities know just enough to sound smart.

They love technology, are quite active digitally, fiercely opinionated, and don’t have friends. That’s because they look at everything with a lot of logic and science. LIKE A LOT OF IT! So you’ll be like let’s have ice-cream and they will talk about who discovered ice cream and how and stuff.

Note to marketers: Your content needs to be witty, energetic, creative, and scientifically correct, basically everything that good content needs to be, to please the geeks.

6. The Social Doer

These being can school anyone on the concept of integrating social media with on-ground activities while running a campaign. They are the Doers, the real slim shady. And they don’t need to stand up to prove it. The world automatically sits down when they arrive. So they are the only ones standing. LOL

Adaptability is their forte. Any change in a digital trend? They are the first ones to know about it. These are the ones who are creating events on Facebook.

Impatient risk-takers with no respect for rules is a classic way to categorize them. It is much needed when you gotta get stuff done, right?

So they are generally the marketers. So…well that’s awkward…umm…Just do your thing.

 7.The Social Loiterer

They are online. Not doing much though. They just sit in front of the screen. Occasionally like stuff. Online shopping is their chilling time.

These personalities know about your plans, where you have checked in at what time, with whom, and why. :O

No but on the bright side, they read a lot. They will go through every blog, and article and eventually become someone from the categories in this list that we are compiling.

Marketers need to reach out to these digi beings by boosting posts and getting celebrities on board.

8.The Social Inspirer


Intense is the word. They work hard and play harder. You will never catch these personalities interfering in other people’s lives. Always subliminally inspiring all the other kinds we have discussed until now. They live from the heart and their mind does not talk too much. Always striving to be the best, they do not need any kind of motivation, as they are it.

Marketers need to reach out to them directly by simply asking them what they have to offer, as they are not your customers/audiences but the idea machines who can provide you with resourceful insights about things you never knew existed.

 9. The Social Ranter

They know a lot of stuff. But not because they read, but because they meet a lot of people. They have too much energy while expressing what’s on their mind.

If opinions were gemstones, they have diamond-studded brains. Super concrete and tough opinions are not easy to handle on any social media platform.

They have a good following making them popular amongst their kind.

Their emotional intelligence is highly developed making them great marketers as well.

If a marketer can successfully sell the idea to one of these Digi beings, half of the marketing is done. Your story will spread like wildfire.

10. The Social Visionary

ATTENTION all the wannabe Steve Jobs! These are the gifted beings. Not really, they have just spent a lot of time focusing on things that they know truly matter to them. They have a high attention span.

Often seen on social media talking about grand ideas. If you see a series of unrealized comments on somebody’s post, you have successfully found a Social Visionary.

They don’t use Twitter. It is way too comprehensive for them. They are on Quora and Reddit most of the time and occasionally on Facebook.

The deep work they put into everything makes them seem like geniuses, but actually, they are just hard workers who realize their passions at an early age.

Marketers generally market stuff that is made by them. But yes you can have a great conversation with them and get an insightful perspective about their industry.

SO Which personality are you? Tell us in the comments.

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