8 Do it yourself tips to get backlinks for off page SEO

8 Do it yourself tips to get backlinks for off page SEO: The Low Hanging Fruits


8 Do it yourself tips to get backlinks for off page SEO: The Low Hanging Fruits

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You can yourself do the off page search optimization of your website with these east to do practices:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO simply cannot be overlooked by anyone who owns a website or markets one. The major amount of traffic that can be directed to your website by optimizing your online presence for better ranking on  SERP (Search Engine Results page) is underestimated by many. Increasing your brands visibility organically can be helped by doing good SEO practices, and SEO can’t get easier than plucking those easy to reach fruits, below is a list of certain low hanging fruits that one should pluck and relish to get delectable results!

1) Web 2.0 Properties

Web 2.0 focuses on those World Wide Web sites encouraging user generated content. Web 2.0 is not an update to any technical specification but pertains to how web pages are made and used. Using web 2.0 properties to get low-quality backlinks can go a long way. It is not recommended to do more than 5 submissions on User Generated Content websites as it seems unnatural to Google’s algorithm. Posting content on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc is thus, a good way to get backlinks which will matter in improving the Page rank in the long run. Also, a lot of people spam the internet by posting comments on blog articles or ecommerce product pages with the link to their site. You can do this is moderation to get some backlinks.

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2) Article Submission

Google wants content. It wants it’s crawlers to go out there, and come back to the main program with as much content as possible. This makes article submission a good way to keep the crawlers entertained and ofcourse get backlinks. While submitting your articles to various websites make sure to put in multiple primary and secondary keywords and DO NOT FORGET to mention the link of your website at the end of the article. To get amazing results it is advised to submit atleast 5-7 articles in multiple article submission websites, such as www.hubspot.com every month.
You can check a list of article submission websites here. 

3) Infographic Submission

Who doesn’t like a super illustrative and informative infograph! Well-researched infographs are of much use to many people, causing the much needed engagement while keeping the content fun. In the online world of snackable content, inforgraphs are the tastiest of the snacks. It is advisable to submit two inforgraphs related to your line of business in a month. There are many websites which are providing fun templates for free, to create infographs. Submitting an infograph is just an e-mail away. Check out some websites where you can submit.

4) Press Release Submission

Online Press releases are of great importance providing you with not just high quality backlinks but also the much needed brand awareness in your industry. Each and every business has a story to tell, or a moment to share, these can be a good start to build a close relationship with the players of your industry.
Promoting a new event, launching a product, or any other news related to your line of business can be put out there in an article as a press release using media influencers. Good press release with a vast reach definitely comes with a high cost, but it surely does pay back well if done properly. Like any other form of content, press release should be crisp, engaging and short (less than 700 words). It is preferable to have a press release at least once in every 2 months.

5) E-book submission

With almost everything upgrading itself to exist digitally in this world, e-books have come a long way. It was through e-books the value of internet of things was realized to save the humanity from destroying nature. Other than the intense “save the environment” aspect, it also helps in providing high quality backlinks for your website. Informative and easy-to-access, e-books are a good source of engagement. It is advisable to have a minimum of 7-10 pages in the e-book and should only be submitted once a week. There are various websites which have an array of templates to choose from and many other websites where the e-books created by you can be uploaded and submitted.

6) Video Submission

Currently, this is the most visually wiring form of content on the internet. Video submission is not very prevalent in the SEO strategy of many, as it takes money and time to curate content of such nature. You must be wondering how is this a low-hanging fruit if it takes so much effort to pluck! The power of video submission is undermined, the super high quality backlinks and the internal linking of the videos within the social media channels can cause immense amounts of engagement and is an awesome off-the-page SEO practice. Video submissions will make your website rise and shine in no time on google’s SERP. These efforts will seem to be too much only if you are unaware about how much value they hold. So go, pick your go-pro or phone camera and start making and uploading videos! It is advisable to post one video every month for best results. Keep in mind that the originality of the content is the key.

7) Social Bookmarking

Another simple white hack technique to get amazinc high quality backlinks is social bookmarking. Social media marketing if done properly will automatically help with SEO. And submission of the work done while doing social media marketing will prove to give great results. Here is what you need to do: Use the same piece of content which you use for article submission, publish that article on your website, shorten the link to that article on your website using bitly, go to a social media platform and publish the post. To take it up a notch, copy the link of the post on the social media platform and further, submit it on reddit.com. This white hack technique will increase your visibility and respect in the eyes of google crawlers and will surely give good results.

8) Guest Blogging

Publishing an article written by you on a website relevant to your line of business is a healthy off-the-page SEO technique. This can be approached in many ways, but the easiest and the cheapest way is to shoot an email to the owner of a website regarding this and wait for a response. Do not forget to mention the link to your website at the end of the mail. Be polite, patient and send a glimpse of the article you want them to post. Check out this example from a blog:

WeBeeSocial Guest Blogger SEO

In case you have questions about any of the above mentioned practices do drop us a comment.

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