Schedule Instagram posts ahead of time with Buffer App

Buffer now let’s users schedule instagram posts ahead of time (to an extent)

Buffer now let’s users schedule instagram posts ahead of time (to an extent)

We all have those moments we would like to share on social media but sometimes can’t find the time to do so or forget about it. And what if it’s an important event such as a best friends’ birthday? You need to upload that BFF picture at 12AM! And as the clock strikes 12 you get busy smashing the cake on your friends face and forget about the post. But now buffer has become a common platform for all your social media scheduling problems. From users to social media managers, everyone has been using buffer for scheduling their posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Now we can link our Instagram account to buffer as well!

This is also a major relief for the Social Media Executives/Marketers who had to post in Real-Time or switch from buffer to other tools for Instagram posts, helping you focus on the more important stuff (like office gossip or bitching about your boss). While this is exactly not like the popular social media automation processes used for Facebook and Twitter, it helps us schedule posts to some extent.

The Advantage:

So basically, buffer will remind you with a pop up of the pre-written post that you can instantly post on Instagram with just a tap. Any hashtags or @-mentions will also be straight away transferred. Plan your Instagram posts using the buffer app and never forget to post that moment in time and space that needs the coverage from the people you love, and not love as well.

The Drawback:

The downside to this is that the filters cannot be pre-applied, therefore you will have to set another reminder for that, on some other app maybe. But still, buffer is your social media manicure that will surely make your life easier. We have been using buffer for quite some time now hence we can totally vouch for the help it gives us for Social media marketing.

Don’t we all agree that expressing ourselves on social media and staying active on it is more than just a need now. Using such Social Media tools can help you avoid missing out on fun and help you stay away from your digital devices when the moment is being enjoyed by everyone around you. So now that you are aware of such an online free tool, you shall be more present both online and offline simultaneously!

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