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Google has finally removed right-side desktop ads

Google has finally removed right-side desktop ads

Google search has always been dynamic. Be it the algorithms or the SERPs (Search engine result pages), things have always been dynamic and sticking to true to this attribute, Google is doing away with the right hand side display ads. Rather than showing ads on the Right side of the desktop search results, Google will now show a fourth ad above the search results for highly commercial search queries.

This is a worldwide change and will be implemented on all search queries in every language around the world. This will also make the desktop search results page more in line with the mobile search results, which for obvious reasons has no Right hand side ads.

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What this means for us?

Since 2010 Google has been testing the 4 ad system. It’s only now when the ads have been removed. Surely the right had side ads weren’t generating enough clicks and the CTRs were high hence placing them on the top might get them more traction. This means that:

  • Advertisers will have to push hard for higher ad placements. The approach to PPC will change.
  • Since organic listings have been pushed further down, getting a higher listing has become more important.

The changes are being rolled out slowly throughout the world and are visible in India and the states as of today. You can read one of the first source’s (Media image) article here.

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