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Political Campaign Website Design


Political Campaign Website Design

Mrs. Sudha Sinha is the General secretary of the Federation of CGHS, Dwarka Ltd. where she is working hard for alleviating the day to day problems of the residents of the sub city. She is contesting elections for MCD counselor and WeBeeSocial was tasked to create a user friendly & mobile responsive website which allows her to connect with the residents of the area and share updates with them. Some of the features of the new website suggested by us were:

  1. Dynamic with a user friendly backend
  2. Mobile responsive
  3. Update-able Event calendar and a media/press release section
  4. Latest news section that allows her to share updates with followers
  5. A form based page for volunteers who can register to work with her
  6. A contact form with a small survey which helps her understand the problems of her people.

She used the website extensively during the campaign.

You can visit the Live site here or click the image below. 


November 13, 2018


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