Instagram indtroduces disappearing private photos & live stream videos

Instagram introduces disappearing private photos & live stream videos

Instagram introduces disappearing private photos & live stream videos

webeesocial instagram live videos disappearing messages

As if Instagram is not addictive and awesome enough already, that the company is at it again! I It seems like Facebook is strategically integrating this feature to keep Instagram on top. And this comes as an additional benefit to brands and marketers as they can now go off the charts with their creativity. While Snapchat must be a little stunned because of this, Instagram is chilling.

Webeesocial instagram disappearing messages update

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Now when you will create a story, you can swipe over to a new ‘Live’ button. And as you begin live streaming, the app will send a notification to all your followers, who can then watch and comment. Comments can be pinned to the top of the feed or completely turned off. Except for the emoji reactions buttons that we see in Facebook’s Live, Instagram Live streaming feature is pretty much the exact same. The recorded video will not be automatically posted to the user’s profile. But overall this feature will be rolled out globally over the next few weeks.

Another feature that you can instantly access right now by updating the Intagram app is Disappearing Messages. So if you press the new message icon on the top right corner of the app, you can now privately send shady photos, kidding, and videos to your followers.

Snapchat might get into trouble because of all this. They should have taken the money when the deal was on the table. Anyhow, it is too late now and Snapchat will definitely have to do something new and disruptive to sustain. Something more than overtly fancy Snapchat sunglasses. You can do better guys, definitely!

For us it’s the launch of a new feature but to Snapchat it is a warhead headed straight towards their digital Networld. Let’s see if Snapchat has some kind of Iron Dome.

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