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WhatsApp for Business Makes Waves in India


WhatsApp for Business Makes Waves in India

One of the key features of a digital channel is that it allows quick conversations between businesses and users . Today millions of customers resort to Twitter or Facebook messenger to get their queries resolved. Personalised communication is  important to make the customer feel at home and Whatsapp has welcomed this thought with open arms. The widely used messaging app finally rolled out its new ‘WhatsApp Business app’ in India a few weeks ago. This new app makes it easier for companies, especially small enterprises, to connect with their customers, and is more convenient for the users to chat with businesses that matter to them. The features that this app provides are:

  • Business Profiles: The customers can get useful information such as a business description, emails or store addresses, and website links. Companies and brands can make profiles which can be highlighted to users on the Whatsapp.
  • Messaging Tools: The app offers smart messaging tools such as quick replies that provide instant answers to FAQs. The companies can also set greeting messages introducing the company or create a sequence to inform user about a particular development (Like dispatch of product).
  • Messaging Statistics: The companies can see messaging statistics and review what messages have been read and find what is working on the platform.
  • Whatsapp Web: The app also has the option to send and receive messages on Desktop.
  • Account Type: This feature lets the user know that they are talking to a business account. The app will have more Confirmed Accounts over time for businesses once it has been confirmed that the account phone number matches the business phone number.

A large user base of 200 million makes India a key market for Whatsapp Business. Many Indian brands have already taken up this platform to convert clients and drive sales. The app has also been used significantly to involve customers in CRM programmes.

BookMyShow was the first Indian online ticketing brand in the WhatsApp business pilot; it also made WhatsApp a default ticket confirmation channel for all its users.

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Netflix is also one of Whatsapp’s test partners. They have been testing WhatsApp Business in India, as a means to communicate with its subscribers. Once users enable notifications on their Whatsapp accounts, they receive account messages and suggestions on what to watch from Netflix.

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Another company that is leveraging Whatsapp Business to interact with customers is 1MG, an online pharmacy business in India (see image above on the right). They clearly mention that they are using whastapp to communicate with their consumers and if required consumers can opt out from the messages.

Goibibo is also using WhatsApp Business to confirm user bookings including provision of ticket confirmations and a PDF copy of their tickets. However, Goibibo has also come up with a new innovative method of seat booking with WhatsApp where it allows its users to book their desired flight seat using emojis! Such partnership is the first significant integration of bot framework with WhatsApp for Business feature.

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This is just the beginning of whatsapp for business and we can surely confirm that in given time almost all brands and businesses will flock to the channel for leveraging conversations. Be it Facebook chatbots or Twitter chat sessions, Indian brands sure love chatting with their customers!



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